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dmascheck 09-16-2017 06:26 AM

A list of items to consider for a new fifth wheel owner.
Looking for any ideas or list of items I should consider being a new fifth wheel owner.

Stripit 09-16-2017 09:26 AM

Well items I used were Roto-Choks, they go between the trailer tires to help prevent movement. I added Winfield stablizers to the front and rear legs to really prevent movement felt inside the trailer when walking to running the wash machine. I added an extra whole house water filter that pre filtered the water before it entered the trailer. I added a Watts water presure regulator inline to protect the trailers water lines from bursting or leaking from over pressured water systems you will find as you travel. I added a Hughes Autoformer 50 amp to boost the parks power to a safe level when their electricty was low, that was not hooked up to run all the time, only when needed. I added a Progressive Industries surge protector to guard against parks low or high power and power surges to help keep all my applinances safe. I added TST tire pressure monitor system for all tires including spare. I added a Flush King to back flush the grey & black tanks when dumping. I purchased a collapsible ladder that would allow me easy access to the roof to use in conjunction with the factory installed, or to allow me to clean the front nose of bugs. I mounted large (10 inch) levels to the pin box and inside the storage boxes on either side of the trailer to aide in set up insuring I was level without having to run to only one location.
These were what I added to our trailer, not all at once but over time as I found a need.

dmascheck 09-17-2017 07:45 AM

I appreciate the advice being a newbie. So much to learn and I doubt we will be living in it for now long term, but later????????

What about 50 Amp extension cord. Is it needed and what length?

Sewer line, do you have a preference and length?

So much to learn. How long does it take you to set up?

wingnut60 09-17-2017 10:13 AM

Over the years, I have learned that a 50amp extension cord can be real handy at times, but storage is always a problem. Usually, the 25' that came with the trailer + 25' extension fit every situation I ran into. It is really the pits to get all set up and find yourself 2' short of the pedestal---so, always be sure you can reach the electricity/water/sewer before unhitching.....
Sewer--many new brands on the market, I use Rhino. If you get the cheaper generic available, they will develop pin holes from wearing against the ground/floor of the storage area. I have 25 + 10 extension. A clear elbow to fit the drain will help to know when all the black tank is clean.
Setup--this should depend on how often you move...there is a routine that fits only you that will come to you with experience. 1) Spot the trailer best you can--straight to site lines (only for my personal satisfaction). 2) Be sure trailer is safely spotted to prevent movement--a chock system usually is needed to prevent movement. 3) Be sure trailer is level left/right before unhitching, using blocking/other methods. 4) Lift of truck and move it away from trailer. 5) Level front/rear with front jacks. 6) Hook up utilities. I usually hook to electricity just after leveling left/right, then do all the rest.
You will develop your own process after many moves and mistakes, happens to the best of us...

dmascheck 09-17-2017 02:54 PM

What's a guestamate time it takes for set up?

Stripit 09-17-2017 03:48 PM

From pull into the site, level, hook up water/sewer & electric, slides out, tv finding channels, maybe 15 minutes. That was after years of travel, back when first starting out, maybe 1/2 hour.

dmascheck 09-17-2017 08:05 PM

I was afraid it would take much longer to get set up. Even a half hour is not bad.

I can see why some prefer the Motor home, and if you get tired you can stop at a truck stop or Walmart and rest the night. A trailer???? But then you have to pull a car.

In my case I need the truck for hauling hay and cattle or loads of supplies. Plus I have a 1967 GTO, A 1948 5 window Chevy Truck and a 71 Super Beetle. Just sold my 31 A truck. That hurt, but I needed a new roof and gutters and it paid my John Deere Tractor note off. Starting a semi retirement I wanted zero debt and then I bought the High Country diesel truck!(LOL)

I really appreciate all the help. I've made several purchase on Amazon based on your advice!

Again, many thanks!

dmascheck 09-17-2017 08:08 PM

What type TV unit do you have? You using Dish? We have Dish at home and wondered if you buy the unit, can you use one of the cards in your existing unit in the house for play on the road? Hate paying for another unit when we have 5 in the house.

Better for the bolt on or the tripod unit?

wingnut60 09-17-2017 10:29 PM

Satellite for RVs is not my best subject, so someone else can answer better than I. Lots of people take a receiver out of the house and travel with it. I have found over the years, due to the mess of wiring both in the house and especially the RV, that a dedicated receiver for the RV works best for me. As to the sat unit itself--again, I have never had luck with the tripod units, so got one of the auto portables.
Again, a learning curve to this and good luck.

dmascheck 09-18-2017 05:17 AM

I understand.

You have the unit permanently mounted? Or are you using an HD antennae?

We have so many movies purchased on Apple. We like the idea we can stream them as long as we have Wi-Fi. With us being in Europe for a month at a time, it's handy being able to watch movies in English!(GRI)

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