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03Roadking 03-25-2019 09:45 PM

High Country towing
We are looking a High Country 381TH and a RAM 3500 with the Mega Cab 6'4" bed. I'm getting conflicting answers to my question of whether or not I need a slider hitch. Is there anyone here that's towing a Montana with a short bed pickup without a slider???

Thanks in advance


wingnut60 03-26-2019 10:28 AM

Might want to check at a Montana Owners Forum--google for one.

03Roadking 03-26-2019 11:15 AM

Thanks, I've been there got the 50/50.

Notanlines 03-26-2019 12:42 PM

Jim, how about buying a nice slider and you have the base covered. They arenít really alot more.

MTK46 03-26-2019 01:09 PM

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Yes I have in the past, with no sliding hitch. Never broke a rear window but I was careful. ;)
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Most all of the new 5th wheels are way more aerodynamic and designed with clearance for shortbeds.

stanleyz 04-01-2019 07:34 PM

Its been a long time but I towed a cardinal with a short bed ford.. I got to buy a new rear window and was lucky I didn't bend any metal. I was in a truck stop heading for a refuel and did not slide the hitch back. I was turning and the 5er wheels went up on one of those humps where they fill the tanks. The trailer leaned in during the turn and got the window. My point is that you may be able to get away without a slider if you drive on straight and level streets and stay in level camp grounds and are very careful backing up. But in real world situations which you almost surely will encounter it is pretty easy to take out a window or worse bend the metal. Get the slider and use it. Slide back anytime you are off the straight and level or backing,.

steve_darlene 04-02-2019 05:04 AM

Remember it only takes a moment of inattention and you have thousands of dollars damage to truck and trailer. Get yourself a pullrite hitch and never worry about it!

Captn John 05-05-2019 09:02 PM

I know 2 that tried. Neither broke the window but 1 put a dimple and the other a good dent in the cab. Right at the rounded area which makes an easy fix impossible. I did the same with a Cougar, then bought the B&W 18K slider......

KOZKO 05-07-2019 01:57 PM

Andersen Ultimate:cool:

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