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03-12-2017, 02:30 PM
I am looking at Extended Ser Plan from Good Sam. My unit that I just bought is a 2010 Montana 35'. Had it out 3 times before put away for winter. Do you have Extended plans and are they worth it? The original owner took great care or unit exterior wise, and interior is beautiful also. I our mines we bought this unit before we even had to look at inside(saw online pic and knew this was the one). So question again is what are your options of extended ser plans?

03-12-2017, 04:09 PM
Any time I get the chance to purchase an extended policy I pass. I would rather have the money in my pocket, and if or when the problem pops up that 'might' be covered by a policy i'm not at their mercy and time frame waiting to see if it is covered. I shop for the best price and service provider, take it in and get it fixed. No waiting for days to see an adjuster and see what they will or won't cover. Just the way I deal with things.

03-12-2017, 07:47 PM
I see way more complaints on this topic than any other, or so it seems. Many suggest as Stacey has said--put the cost of the service contract in the bank and see if you need it ever. Too many fine print exclusions/denials for me to purchase one. Even the best-rated ones have many, many unhappy customers.
The one thing I do have is a breakdown/tow policy with GS, and it has served me well over the last 3 years.

03-12-2017, 08:25 PM
Wingnut has it, when I used to run a service center for autos, NOBODY wanted to deal with a warranty claim from some aftermarket carrier. We had to determine the problem, figure up a cost to repair, then, call someone who didn't know a bumper from a radio knob. Explain the problem, the cause and the cost to fix. Then wait, sometimes for days for a call back, then they decide they need to have an inspector come look, wait for days, then he/she inspects and will get back to us. Wait till the owner says, they will only pay X, or nothing, or maybe all. We have to have hoists, work areas or parking areas held up for long periods of time for what we could have fixed in short order. Then if we were expecting payment from the insurance company we might not get paid for months. We tried to help the customer, but we can only go so far when one of these warranty problems came in. Shortly after I left that company they cut any after market warranty repairs from the shop. This is why so many complaints from the policy owners, the shops and repair people ( like mobile RV techs) over these policies. They are not in business to loose money and they don't.
I do carry towing coverage on the rig, through my own insurance company. I pay and get reimbursed. That to me works better than calling some center 1000's of miles away hoping they can find some carrier that they have contracted with to help. When a local guy just down the road could help in minutes, not hours.